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Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
The stick length will not force you to get a deep knee bend, only you will force yourself to get a deep knee bend. A stick isn't a magic wand. How many guys have a short stick and are bent over like they're tying their shoes. Stop acting like stick length is the determining factor in knee bend.

And FYI, I use a shorter stick, so don't act like you've seen me play, thanks.
Ok, I see that you use a short stick, that's great. And it's ok if you think stick length doesn't determine knee bend. That's fine too.

It's just that a lot of kids read the forum that are trying to get ahead in their hockey career. You have already made it to the NHL and are at the top of your game.

I on the other hand am just trying to get other people to the top of their game. It's ok if you don't agree. It's all good. Beside, opinions are like a**holes. Everyone has one and they all stink.

That's what so neat about coaching, everyone has their own style of coaching. That's why some teams win and some teams lose. Yes, players that have been playing for years, (8+) pretty much know how to play the game. But it like trying to conduct an orchestra.

If you have all the player in the orchestra all want to do their own thing, just because they know how to play, then it sound like a rock and roll band and not an get it.

If you have a coach(s) with various coaching styles, you take what you can learn from each coach and move on. Learn the stuff that makes you a success and sh** can the stuff that doesn't.

Getting all the player on a team to play your system is one of the harderst things you can do as a coach. You see, every coach has their own way they think the game should be played.

Get players like you to play the coaches systems, so that you guys all play like a well oiled machine is the hard part. Why?

Because, we get players every year that would like me to coach, like the last coach they just had. It's kind of funny when I hear this every year. And because players like their last coach and they way he teaches systems, sometimes it hard to get players to think about setting their egos aside and learn about new ways to play the game.

I guess that's what so great about this forum, I get a lot of coaching tips on the forum that helps my game. One's never to old to learn.

Head coach

Oh BTW, I played against a Ukrainian team that kicked the ever love'n sh** out of us. So after the game, I went to the coach and invited him out for dinner. Throught an interpreter, I asked him what his secret was. He said....

"The player sticks are cut to come just below the collar bone to force them to keep the deep knee bend!"

Today, five of the playes that kicked the, you know what out of us, now play in the NHL. One of those playes, if I am not mistaken, plays for the Islanders. His name is Zubrus!

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