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07-30-2004, 11:24 AM
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Our college players going pro

I think the strength of our Hartford team and coaching staff is lost here on some. In know way could you convince me that any college team could teach a prospect more then our Hartford coaching staff. It obviously is attractive to college players to know that our Hartford team is so strong from the coaching on down. It's better for a young player to play under McGill then just about any other coach. Teach them at a younger age rather then let them get into bad habits at the college level.

People are making it seem like college is this great educational league for prospects. That simply isn't the case and especially when you match that against our Hartford coaching staff. I know way do I think a Taylor or Jessiman could learn more at the college level then on our Hartford team. It is time that people realize our Hartford team is no longer a place where prospects go to rot and learn nothing. Times have changed for the better.

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