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07-30-2004, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by blackisback
In know way could you convince me that any college team could teach a prospect more then our Hartford coaching staff. It obviously is attractive to college players to know that our Hartford team is so strong from the coaching on down. It's better for a young player to play under McGill then just about any other coach.
Bad habits at the college level? Uh.. D1 NCAA is exceptional, and an excellent place for young college kids to play. If I take your first sentence seriously, then this post is a complete waste of time since you've already turned yourself off to other perspectives.

But realize one thing. In college, you have 5 straight days of practice a week, which involves breaking down every single element of the game. Skating, positioning, passing, shooting, tactics, faceoffs, shot blocking, line changing, powerplay, penalty kill, pulled goalie situations, set plays, etc. Then you have 2 back to back days on the weekends to see if that worked... followed by 5 more days during the week to retune whatever went wrong.

College coaches are no chumps, not in any of the major 4 sports played in the US. The benefits of icetime in college are not to be ignored. Some players blossom under so much coaching attention. Others can just be pushed into a situation, and they'll learn to swim simply out of need (Hartford).

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