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01-05-2009, 07:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Pierre Dagenais View Post
What happened to Carle? Two years ago he was one of the last cuts at training camp before he hurt his knee.

I saw that you didn't mention him in our top 4 D prospects
Carle has the same problem as Fischer, we have a number of RD's that are impressive so he's got his work cut out for him. He's a solid prospect though as he is great at moving the puck but needs to get stronger and quicker while improving his play in his own end. Imo Weber has clearly been better but Carle is still good and hopefully has a good future with the Habs.

Originally Posted by Pazuzu View Post
Great list as usual montreal, we're lucky to have a guy like you around here. But, concerning Chipchura, is he 4th because of his NHL readiness or for his projected potential, or the 2 combined ? Seems a bit high...

A last question, about Quailer, is he a PF prospect, or just a big playmaker ?
Thanks. Chipchura is at 4th because I think he's going to be very good for us, his defensive play is great, his offensive play has really picked up, his skating/foot speed have really improved, he's gotten better on face-offs. To me he's the kind of guy you don't notice all that much, but in tight games your glad you have. He was ripping it up in Hamilton this year which was great to see.

Quailer is not a PF from what I've seen so far, although I've only seen him twice. He's tall but skinny and while he doesn't seem to shy away from heavy traffic areas he doesn't appear to be overly physical, more of an offensive player from what I've seen.

Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post
I like the top 10. Personally think Fischer can be higher and Weber can be lower.
A lot seem to think Fischer should be higher, I don't find him to be overly impressive, whereas the others I do, so I keep hearing how he should be higher but I don't know why as he doesn't show it on the ice imo.

Weber I wasn't all that high on last year but now I am sold, his shot I just can't get enough of, so if i have him too high, it will be adjusted, but I think the Habs got a really good one here.

Originally Posted by GNick42 View Post
Whatever happened to were red hot on him after last spring's World Championships?
I happen to like Korneev a lot, but he's not a prospect since he's been in the RSL/KHL for 7 years.

Originally Posted by koivu View Post
J T Wyman - nice effective year in Hamilton, would have thought he would be on your list.
I have him on the HM, so he's just outside the top 20. I like him a lot, and actually like him more as a D prospect, to me he's looked better on defense then he has as a winger in Hamilton.

Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Nice list. I honestly get the impression that Fischer will surprise. I was under the impression he had good vision and hockey sense and joined the play a bit. Then again, i heard this in 06 when he got drafted. Don't know if it was wrong or it changed now. I'm optmistic he can end up a top 4, but we'll see.
Thanks. I think Fischer could end up being a very solid NHLer and if not for having several quaility RD's in our farm system, I'd have him higher but to me he's going to have his work cut out for him. Granted, I think he's very likely to play in the NHL, it's just that we have a bunch of really solid prospects, and it's really close between him and the rest. If Fischer was more dominate in the NCAA, I'd have him higher, he has improved a lot, but he's not even close to being among the top D in the WCHA let alone the NCAA. He does have good vision and hockey sense, he will jump in but not that much and when he does he hasn't been overly effective at it.

At this point I think he could end up a top 4 but for now I see him more as a bottom pairing guy as he's just not good enough in all the other areas. But we'll see how he continues to progress and go from there.

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