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01-05-2009, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Come on...she doesn't believe what she's saying. She was so proud to be in some lists for "most annoying poster", so she succeeds in saying things she knows people will freak about. But she just can't really think what she's saying.....She loves the attention, she's getting it, what's more to ask?

Anybody that knows their hockey would be able to, despite their love for a player, acknowledge that there are some deficiencies to their game....and she doesn't. So clearly there to challenge people for fun and I got caught in there as well. And when a player she's suppose to hate is having a good game, she's not there. When "her" player does great, she's there.

So if you want her to become more interesting people, let her talk to herself. Less attention she'll be getting, more interesting she'll become.....though I can't wait for her to give us her opinion on MaxPac....she did say that she's waiting a couple of more games to "judge" him.....I really really want to have a signature now so I can't wait for judgment day!!!! See? Getting caught in her game once again....
You can always tell the posters that have kids.

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