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01-05-2009, 03:02 PM
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Somewhere around 600-1000$ a month. Is that before or after taxe?

Let´s just compare with Sweden. I think the average salary is about 3500$ a month and then theres an income tax a bit over 1/3 så you have say 2200$ left. But there are of course quite a lot people earning less than that. A typical low paid job as ganitor maybe give 2500 £ before and therefore 1750 after tax - roughly.

Ticket prizes in SEL are from 20$ up to 35 $. Season tickets range from 600 to 1250 $ a season and that´s for 27-28 homegames.

The average attendance for the whole SEL is at the moment 6121. Frölunda is topping with 11200 and a handful of teams has +6000 average. Luleå and Rögle have just below 5000 and Södertälje are behind with 3878. Djurgården has an average of 5351 and everybody is talking about the crisis for hockey in Stockholm.

The question is, are there enough people who can afford attending the games? It seems like the ticket prizes may bee too high? I mean were talking about Russia for God sake. The interest for hockey can´t be that bad. If we had the same players in SEL there would be a crowded house night after night.

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