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Originally Posted by FerrisRox View Post
You have to understand a few things about this place in order to get a better idea of why idiotic things like the constant slamming of Kovalev occurs.

First of all, the Canadiens are a team with a very large fan base, and as such, HFBoards has a very large community here in the Montreal Canadiens forum. As such, we get a full cross-section of "fans" - some of them are very knowledgeable and it's great to read their thoughts on the team. However, the ying to that yang is the Canadiens newsgroup, moreso then any other here, is aboslutely *filled* with people that don't know a damn thing about hockey.

There are literally dozens of posters here that wouldn't be able to tell you what system the team plays. They watch every single game, but couldn't tell you how Montreal breaks out, what system they use to forecheck or how their penalty kill works. They're fans of the Canadiens, but they're not fans of hockey. They don't fully understand it, yet they're quite vocal on their opinions about players.

At the beginning of the season, I was harshly criticized because I was saying how disappointed I was with Ryan O'Byrne's play. For a large chunk of people here, they simply couldn't notice that he wasn't playing the team system for the simple reason that they didn't know what the team system even was.

Even in recent weeks, there were a few threads were people were giving their "ideal lineup" for the Canadiens - this is with the team fully healthy - and an amazing amount of those lines had Matt D'Agostini on the first line and Max Paccioretty on the second line. With all of the Canadiens solid depth up front, these geniuses think the ideal scenario would see them ice raw rookies on the first two lines. That's what you're dealing with. That's the level of hockey knowledge some of the people here are drawing from.

These are the same people last season that were saying it was time to get rid of Saku Koivu. These clearly aren't knowledgeable fans.

Another amazing example from recent weeks was a thread about how the Canadiens had a lot of 'good players' but no stars. In the thread, someone even asked "When was the last time the Habs had a player other teams really coveted?" Ummm.... How about Andrei Markov? An elite defenseman who's among the leaders in the entire NHL in points ... Wouldn't he qualify? Things like that make you really shake your head and wonder how these "fans" watch the games and somehow miss such things.

You really have to consider *who* is doing the talk when you complain about the stupidity surrounding the criticism of Alex Kovalev.

It's amazing how often here a player is deemed "invisible" in a game. Here at HFBoards, "invisible" is really code for "didn't record a point." Recently I've read that Tomas Plekanec was "invisible" in games where he played very solid and created many chances not to mention played well defensively. Conversely, Matt D'Agostini has played games where he's "awesome." That means he scored. Makes you wonder if these people read the boxscores rather then watch the games, no?

I can't fathom how a fan could watch every game this season and be upset with the play of Alex Kovalev. He's had plenty of bad luck in terms of ringing the iron which means his numbers are lower then they should be, but he's rather consistently brought creativity, speed, skill and offensive prowess game in and game out. As the season wears on, I suspect those posts will start to even themselves out and all the geniuses here will talk about how he's playing "so much better" despite the only difference being a few posts are now going in.
Post of the year, IMO. I 100% agree although I'm one of those ignorant fans. You should inform us of the system Montreal plays and how it works. It would be interesting to learn about it.

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