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07-30-2004, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy
The Kris Benson deal was not a bad deal.The Mets want to sign Benson and he wants to pitch in NY.Benson was on with Michael Kay on Wednesday and pitching in a big city would not be a problem.He also likes the idea of working with Rick Peterson and Tom Glavine since they share the same agent Gregg Clifton.Even if the Mets are not able to re-sign Benson,they will offer him arbitration to get the two draft picks(first round pick plus a sandwich pick)to compensate for the loss of Matt Peterson

Ty Winnington is an overachiever and a role player on a championship team.Justin Huber stopped being a big time prospect two years ago.He regressed.

Peterson was ranked #88 in the Baseball America top 100

The Victor Zambrano deal is a bad deal.He walks way too many batters and likes to pitch inside but he hits many batters.Last week,he hit Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada.Scott Kazmir was his warts.Kazmir was ranked #12 by Baseball America.He is not a big kid and he throws across his body which could lead to arm troubles.Kazmir may best be suited as a closer.He reminds people of Billy Wagner.
The Mets became concerned with attitiude.They should have brought back a better return.In April,Texas was willing to deal Alfonso Soriano in a deal for Kazmir but Fred Coupon said he was untouchable.
Ranger Boy, Peterson, Huber and Wiggy for Benson.. I am fine with Wiggy and Peterson but not Huber - this was trash all in all

this is a package that gets Sheets, Zito, Vazquez etc unbelievable just unbelievable

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