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Thirdly... Toews, Neids and the west had like 1\2 as many votes as the habs players (my guess is they didn't cheat)...but than again "maybe their fans aren't as passionate"


You have been here a while and you know the whole thing about the Pens votes. If we voted the same way the Hawks fans are voting then almost all starters will be Pens players. Is this what you want to see…. It took a lot of effort and time from each one of us to overcome the Pens votes. We are not happy to see the Pens attempted to start all their players. At least we took the matter into our own hands. A lot of fans from other NHL teams simply do nothing about it. They are not fighting for Chara, Ovechkin, etc. Do you think it is easy for me to start voting from 9AM to 5PM on the last day of votings… Voting for Chara, Ovechkin will mean that all Pens will start the ASG and that is not acceptable. If Chara, Thomas have been very close to the Pens players and Komisarek and Price are falling behind then I will vote for them even Bruins is my most hated team. What upset me the most is that people on HF Boards just blamed the Habs and their fans while not even bother with what the Pens fans were trying to do. They stuffed the ballot boxes so that all their players will start the ASG in Montreal. If you are the Habs fan, what will you do in this scenario. The game is being played in your own backyard and the opposing team is bullying you and you do nothing aboiut it.

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