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Originally Posted by Crosscheck42 View Post
Wow, someone's cranky.

I know the Caps have been banged up, but they've had years' worth of bad performances and good drafts to stock up good depth in their system. The Bears have been phenomenal this year and every one of the kids they've called up to fill-in has done a great job. It's definitely a credit to Boudreau and McPhee that they've kept it all going through the injuries.

Philly may have a bad reputation amongst other fanbases, but Washington's got some bad apples too. We had the 700 level, but DC has The Dead Tree Crew so stop acting like Philly has a monopoly on bad behavior. Wasn't it your classy fanbase that pelted our players with plastic bottles after they got eliminated from the playoffs last year? That's a trick question: I know it was because I was there.

And I know they're doing well this season in attendance, but even last season when they tore off that hot streak after Thanksgiving, there were still a lot of empty seats "rockin' the red" until they were in playoff contention. I know this again, because I was there and I had an entire row in the club section to myself.

It's funny how angry Caps fans come across. Almost without exception people from opposing teams laud praise on Ovechkin and the team and they still act like it's an insult.
"The defenseman recalled departing Wachovia Center after losing Game 4 of last season's playoff series to go down three games to one. What should have been a 15-minute ride to the train station took more than an hour. "People weren't moving" for the police escort, Morrisonn said. "They were mooning us, throwing stuff at us, beer bottles, whatever they had in their hands. It's to be expected from Philly fans. Didn't they boo Santa Claus?"
Earlier in the series, when a busload of Capitals employees arrived in Philadelphia, a group of unruly fans surrounded the bus and rocked it back and forth while screaming obscenities. When the staffers returned, the bus was covered in mustard, ketchup and shaving cream."

LOL. Didn't hear of this story...

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