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Originally Posted by Mountaineer View Post
Great sport for kids being so safe and all and it's fun to play - but to watch? ech. Too much stalling, back passing, etc. I've watched some world cup games and was less than impressed. Not sure how that team out west can afford to pay the pretty english guy married to banana spice or whatever her name is. US pro men's soccer or whatever it's called is straight crap.

Also - everybody says Americans are fools for not loving soccer the way the rest of the world does which makes me dislike it even more. I used to really like playing indoor soccer though - very fast and physical.
Keep in mind that your criticisms apply to any sport.

I find football and basketball to be boring. Football has tons of time wasting, and standing around doing nothing. I'd like someone to take a stopwatch to a game and see how much actual play occurs during a '60 minute' game. Basketball is just as mind numbing since scoring doesn't matter until the last two minutes of a game.

Soccer is like hockey in that you kind of need to 'learn' how to watch it. How frustrating is it to hear a non-hockey fan say that they "can't follow the puck" or " why do they just dump it in"?

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