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Originally Posted by mikedifr View Post
I agree its mid day banter.....just having a friendly debate.....and I agree that we have shown over the last couple weeks, months whatever that we can play pretty well without Danny when we have two hot lines (Gagne/Richards/Knuble and Hartnell/Carter/Lupul), but that is the regular season against some subpar teams during that span.

Wat happens if Carter comes back down to earth and starts scoringat a 25-30 goal per season pace again as opposed to 50???

Are you willing to completely rely on Hartnell and Lupul in your top 6 come playoff time, two guys that have shown to be really, really streaky that didnt score much in the playoffs last year???

Are you willing to risk that Meto, Asham, Upshall are going to give us enough additional scoring come playoff time?

Two to 3 years from now I might be 100% in agreement with you that Briere is no longer needed on this team when we have a potential top 6 of proven consistent performers (Giroux, JVR, Nodl, etc), but right now, I dont think we have enough top 6 guys to rely on scoring in the playoffs without Briere.

Now if you tell me we are trading Briere for Chris Pronger that might be a different story, but then you are still in the same boat a couple years from now when Coburn needs to be re-signed, Carter is coming up, and Giroux/JVR are coming up on their 2nd contract.
Honestly...I don't want anybody back for briere other than a pick and prospect at this point. We shouldn't be in a position to force players to rush back from injuries because were tighter than a Nuns box. Not to mention we have prospect whom we all expect big things from that will need contracts.

Seriously, were so screwed it's not even funny.

Sure you can trade Lupul, Jones, Knuble etc...but they are the work horses that complete a team. One player doesn't complete a team.

Just my $.02

Originally Posted by Pwood View Post
I see your point, but who takes on that 6.5 mil cap hit if he were to waive his NTC? I don't see many teams doing that.

Furthermore, it's not that we need him because, like you said, Carter and Richards have progressed greatly and we're making it without him, but if you add him to a mix of scorers like Gagne, Carter, Richards, Hartnell (has done pretty nicely this season, and often in crucial moments of the game), and Lupul (who is also a target for trade rumors) you have a damn fine top 6.
Nobody, because right now for the time being...he's going nowehere. Hence my frustration.

Heh, you can make the arguement that if we traded all our defense and landed Kovalchuk we'd outscore everybody and blow them out of the what? We don't have a balanced team...were too center heavy.

We have young prospect that we'll need to resign...and a goalie.

Look at the big picture.

A well balanced team (forwards-defense-goalie) will always beat a top heavy (forwards) team.

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