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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
sigh.. half the guys here that say that they wish we didnt sign Briere act like they knew last year Richards was going to come out of no where and play amazingly. No we didnt know that. We needed a legit first line center to play with Gags and at the time Knuble. With the departure of Forsberg, we did not have a #1 center.

Now we get Briere, he comes in and plays for us. He signs for a long deal hopefully to stay here and make the Flyers a better team. He gets a big contract cause at the time other teams were looking toget him also. Homer see's this and decides that Briere is the better choice over Gomez and Drury. Briere in the end will lead us through the playoffs like he did last year. Then we will hear how we all love Briere.
These are the same people when were saying 2 years ago that Carter was a bust. They wanted us to trade Carter and whatever else it would take to get Seabrook. They are the same ones who said that with Briere we didn't need Carter and that he'd never amount to anything. They were blasting Clarke for wasting a pick on Carter and calling both of them stupid.

I tried to tell everyone to just be patient with Carter but again, everyone knows everything and you can't tell them anything. However, I'll look into my crystal ball again and tell you about some of our future players. Giroux will be a solid 2nd line player and will quickly develope at the pro level. It doesn't surprise me that he's look so solid from his first game up this year on. He's not playing like a rookie, he's playing with the composer and vision that you'd expect of someone with 3-4 years experience. He's going to remind a lot of people of Richards in just how quicly he "gets it". His true "gift" doesn't lie in natural or physical ability, it lies within his head. He's a very smart player and that makes his play much better at an earlier stage of his developement.

JVR is going to track very similarly to Carter. Most of you will be disappointed in his his first 2 years here as he'll look about average at best. However, JVR is both a great physical and natural talent and he will need time to transition his game to the NHL level. Be patien, just as it took until Carters 3rd season before we even began to see his potiential, so it will be with JVR too. Just as Carter has had a huge breakout season in his 4th season this year, I think the 4th season we will see a huge breakout for JVR.

Nodl, forget it, he's not a regular top 9 let alone a top 6 as many wanted to believe him to be. I remember seeing everyone falling all over themselves when he lead all freshmen when he was actually 2 years older than every other freshman. When compared to actual players his age in college, Nodl was middle of the pack at best. I said then that he had a lot to prove and honestly, he hasn't shown enough yet to warrent believing he's a solid NHLer in the making. He may still develope into one but the door is quickly closing (think Potulny).

Now for the defense. Bodrov is still a mystery, I just don't know enough about him to judge him or his future. Of the guys we have in the minors, Ratchuk is the best and he's a bottom pairing guy at best so don't count on any of them. Sbisa has great talent but he makes a ton of mistakes. The time has come for him to be returned to juniors where they can actually work on "teaching" him the little things he'll need for the future. Up with the Flyers and practicing in morning skates is not the place to be teaching a younger player how to play his position. You work on specific ways to counter what your next opponent does well, you work on drills, you work on set plays, and you work on plays as a team (this includes learning the tendacies of you teammates). Sbisa is just overwhelmed by the dramatic talent and speed difference between the NHL and playing in juniors against kids his own age. He needs 2 more years before he's ready. Keeping him here will only hurt his future, he's progressing far less being here than he would if he were back in juniors.

Kevin Marshall, boy I really like this kid. I know it's still early but I think he's going to be a solid 2nd pairing dman. I think he'll remind people a lot of Parent, a bit more physical than Parent but probably not quite as good devensively as a shut down guy. I really think he's the only one outside of Sbisa right now who has the chance to be a solid NHLer (barring Bodrov) out of our defensive prospects. I guess Bourdon could still develope into a 3rd pairing guys but I think it's a longshot (much like Ratchuk I believe).

There you go, that's about all there is to get excited over.

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