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Originally Posted by wcb231 View Post
Let me explain. I'm a natural right hander. I write with my right hand, throw with my right hand, hit a baseball right handed, and I'm a 0.8 handicap golfing right handed. Problem is, I'm a left handed hockey player. Shooting right handed just feels awkward and I just can't get the stick in the right position for shooting.

Now this may not seem like more than a coincidence, but my problem is I am SEVERELY left-footed. My left leg is 100x stronger than my right leg so when I go for a slap shot or try to balance on my right leg it's damn near impossible.

Since I'm a beginner is there any tips for training balance on your weak leg for taking a shot?
right handed - check
throw right - check
bat right - check
shoot left - check

You are in the majority in every category right up to the left foot thing.

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