Thread: News Article: "Sexiest Man on Ice"
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01-07-2009, 01:29 AM
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Those who complain about him doing this off the ice... jesus. You know he's being encouraged by the Rangers front office to do these kind of things, right? You know good publicity is good for the franchise, right? If Henrik, for whatever reason, can maybe help hockey grow as a sport, good. If he made one female, a demographic group that is quite untapped by hockey, interested in Henrik (for whatever primitive reason ) and then in hockey, the article was worth it.

No, you obviously don't know these kind of things. That's why others than you work with publicity and marketing. Perhaps the players should stop visiting children cancer hospitals and other charity events as well? They should just lock themselves into machine closets and wait 100% of the time for the next game, like cyborgs. Perhaps they will win every game then. All who know Henrik as a person says he's a very typical humble down to earth guy, albeit a very charismatical one. I'm pretty sure a photo shoot for a magazine won't get to his head and affect his professional hockey game. After all, he said "I can loose three buttons in my shirt and that's all" out of respect for his girlfriend. He knows what he's doing and has integrity. And after all, he's born in a country where the "Jante" law is really big, an unspoken, cultural law that says "you're not worth more than anyone else". This is for both good and bad.

On a side note, this kind of thing is why Henrik is such a good choice for a team like the Rangers and vice versa. I mean, no offense to teams like Nashville or similar, but fashion and a little bit of flesh is a little bit bigger in New York.

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