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Originally Posted by Oilers Chick View Post
That depends on what you call better and who you ask. Both have excellent programs and have traditional been two of the top programs in the country that have sent many, many players on to the pro ranks, including the NHL.

Let me see if I can explain this in the simplest terms.

BU came first (read that accredited as a university). They became what we now know as Boston University back in 1863.

BC, if I'm not mistaken, grew from/out of Boston College High School (which BTW still exists). They were accredited as a university in the 1920's. Boston College is one of about a half dozen Jesuit schools with D-I hockey programs.

Both schools are located within a short distance of one another on opposite ends of Commonwealth Avenue. BC is situation in an area known as Chestnut Hill (or as the locals and those in the know call it "The Heights").
Well, thanks for clearing that up. I knew that they both schools have excellent academics and sports (I'm looking into BC for Business), but wanted to know which school has a more consistent hockey team and/or win more against one another.

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