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There's certain things in hockey that people shouldnt go the "cheap" route with, and i think that skates is definately one of them.

The difference in quality between the higher end skates is huge compared to the lower end ones. You're paying for quality, so chances are, if you're paying "nothing", you're usually going to get nothing in return. That being said, as a beginner there's no need for you to go out and buy skates that cost 400$+. But i wouldn't recommend the lowest priced skates you can find either, that's for sure.

Like somebody already mentioned, usually the biggest difference, is protection, comfort and ankle support. Which is already pretty much the most important things youd want in a skate. Then there's the minor differences like the skates breathability for your foot, the overall wieght of the skate, etc.

Another thing you should really take into consideration is the stainless steel blade. Usually lower end skates don't have one and in my opinion it's a must.

Also keep in mind skates usually last a long time, especially if you're not going to be playing 3-4 times a week plus. As a casual hockey player you can probably keep the same pair of skates for years.

The most important thing is to go and try the skates on yourself, don't just buy them based on what a sales rep tells you or what you heard. Think of it like buying a new pair of shoes. Make sure they fit right and make sure they're comfortable for you.

You seem like you're leaning towards some bauer skates so i'd suggest you go with the vapor XVI instead of the IX.

The price isn't too steep and its a good skate.

Hope this helped

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