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08-01-2004, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
Problem is I think both McCabe and Morrison have put pieces together better in their respective sport than Benson.

I'm not really a Met's fan but Benson isn't exactly one of the top pitchers in the game at his prime at 30.
he's a pitcher - this is baseball, if you have the stuff you need intangibles which can be taught, this is why so many pitchers don't reach their potential till later in their careers.. if you throw a 95 mph fastball with a sharp breaking ball you have the ability to make people miss but you have to figure out how exactly because you're not going to do anything if you just go on what you have

he isn't a top pitcher in the game but he can be if he can get a hold of what he's missing, this is the whole Rick Peterson thing - Zambrano's problem is control.

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