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01-08-2009, 09:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Corduroy View Post
Sneaker pimps is kinda rap -- U post on HB?
While i have the sneaker pimps album, 6 underground is the only song i really like from it. Which is a problem of many 90's artists, if you've only got one good song, just release a single, maybe napster wouldn't have been so popular if you didn't have to spend 15$ to get 1 good song and lots of crap. Anyway, I don't count 6 underground as rap, it is just an electronic style song at a slower pace. (kinda like Poe- hey pretty) Unlike rap which is spoken word of repetitive nature over sampled music and riffs, also of a repetitive nature about urban subjects that strangely appeal to very white suburban youth, leading to pervasive lifestyle and language changes that are contributing to the crumbing of society as a whole. 30 seconds of a 50 cent song makes me want to kill myself.
Probably because I actually play an instrument (guitar) and write songs, and people with almost nil musical talent what so ever are making millions.

I just post here and the goalie store BB.

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