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01-08-2009, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Corduroy View Post
I like the Ersberg idea. If the Flyers sing Conklin does that mean they get into the Winter Classic game?
I wouldnt mind Conklin, not as a start though......I did hear somewhere that they were once talking about doing a game up at Penn State - Philly vs. Pitt, which would be awesome!!!! Maybe if we sign Conklin that will happen

Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
Brutal third line. Makes no sense at all.

Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
I'll give a shot for what I think next year's team will look like:

Gagne - Richards - Hartnell
Upshall - Carter - Giroux
JVR - Briere - Nodl
Kalinski - Metro - Asham

As for the defense:

Timmonen - Coburn
Carle - Vaananen
Sbisa - Parent

The goaltending:


As much as I hate the idea of Lupul being dealt, I don't think there's any way the Flyers would be able to justify having 10.7 million dollars in salary tied up in the third line. If the Flyers trade Lupul, I really hope they end up getting high draft picks or blue chip prospects for him.

With regards to the D, Alberts has been a pleasant surprise for us. While we could use a D-man with a nasty disposition, fact is, none of the guys we have on the current roster or in the minors have that disposition. Alberts comes close in that he can hit and hit hard, same with Vaananen.

Speaking about Vaananen, he needs to be rewarded for a very good year he's had so far. He's played smart and physical and he's been a very good mentor for Sbisa. As for Sbisa, I think he and Parent are going to make a very solid third pairing. 17 to 19 minutes a night of ice time for the two of them at this stage is more than sufficient. The one thing about Sbisa that really stood out for me has been his poise.

The goaltending is where I expect the biggest shake up. As much as I like Biron, I think Holmgren will look at a guy like Khabibulin and sign him to a two or three year deal while the Flyers start the process of grooming a goalie for the future. Maybe it's just me, but I really think the Flyers are going to go after a top notch youngster like Pavelic or Schneider. Maybe even Montoya, even though his play in San Antonio has slipped a bit (I think it's because he's bored with the AHL and he's ready to make the jump to the NHL). I've got Munroe as the back up, but really, if Holmgren can acquire one of those three, the Flyers have secured a future number one guy for the team.

As good of a guy Mike Knuble has been, it's time for him to go. People may say we need his veteran leadership, but guys like Carter, Richards, Gagner, Hartnell, Upshall, Briere, Metro, Asham, Timmonen, Coburn, Carle, Vaananen, etc....have all been around for a while now, so they should be more than comfortable in accepting a leadership role. Yes, the majority of it is young, but these guys have all played a minimum of four seasons now. They should start being leaders in the locker room and guys like Knuble should be starting to get phased out as the team moves forward.
I kinds like your line combinations actually....JVR and Nodl with Briere sounds interesting, my only concern is how are they defensively and how much grit will JVR and Nodl bring to that line??? I might just want to switch one of them off that line.

I agree with you on Lupul, I just dont think we have a choice....I just dont want it to be a salary dump. Either use him in some type of package to improve the team, get a goaltender prospect in here or move up in the draft....Or I wouldnt mind a Lupul/Carle package for an upgrade to Carle, although that would be unlikely.

DO NOT WANT Khabibulin....Sorry, this is the only thing I disagree with. Since that cup year in Tampa he has been maybe a tiny bit better than Biron, up until this year that is, if he has been at all.....He appears to me to be one of those guys that just shows up big in his contract year and is mediocre the rest of the time....Although I do agree with you that we might see a shake up here, which makes me very nervous to be honest

I agree on Knuble, love the guy and defend him constantly on here but we might just have to say bye......Now if he is willing to sign very cheap and fill the role that Andreychuk did on TB (mostly 4th liner, PP specialist) I would be all for that....especially if someone like JVR is not completely ready. Losing Knuble's production and Lupul's in the same offseason, guys like Giroux, JVR and Nodl best be ready to step up or we could be in trouble if the defense and team play at even strength does not improve to compensate for less scoring.

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