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08-01-2004, 10:46 PM
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I've been reading up on what most people actually thought about Huber and Petersen, and it was not as top-shelf as we might believe. Seems that Huber can hit (true) but he is WORSE defensively than even Piazza. He threw out 19%!!!! of runners. Might end up being a 1B or RF in the majors with 15 - 20HR power, batting .280 with poor defense. Peterson, however, has gone from a 2nd or 3rd SP in Mets propaganda to actually a 4th or 5th, possibly even relegated to middle relief.

Kazmir, of course, is the jewel we wish we still had (akin to trading Amonte or Weight back in the day, with a MUCH LESS CERTAIN future).

Rangers prospects are currently much highly-projected and the prospects the Mets both still have and traded away two days ago.

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