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01-08-2009, 10:52 PM
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I agree that Redden has been awful for the most part thus far, but take off your anti-Redden blinders for one second.

I was at the game against the Penguins Monday night, and for some reason I was thinking exactly this; "Wow, if Redden flipped on a switch, how scary would this Rangers team be?". Redden played his best game as a Ranger that night, IMO. While he didn't show up on the scoresheet, he played very sound defensively, and I saw him join the rush a few times without getting caught up ice. Keep in mind people, Redden is here for at least a couple of seasons, for better or worse.

As a fan of the team, I can only hope that Redden re-discovers his form from even two seasons ago and lets it show on the ice. I have faith that he will. The first season in New York is never easy for a free agent signing with the team. Redden also got married over the summer, so I'm sure he's juggling playing in a new city while also adapting to married life. Not exactly an easy thing to do. Wade will bounce back, I have strong convictions that he will.

For the record, as I mentioned in the beginning of my post, I agree that Redden has been brutal so far this season, and definitely don't approve of the terms of his contract, both in monetary amount and length. Be honest with yourselves for a minute. I have no doubt in my mind that Streit would have been God awful here in Manhattan had he signed here instead of Redden. Streit is only having a good season stats wise because of the new up tempo system that Scott Gordon has installed since he became coach. Had Redden signed on the island, he would be at the All Star game for the Isles as Streit will be. Take a look at some of Streit's highlights, the guy is a train wreck defensively, even more so than Redden. There's a reason Montreal dressed Streit as a forward for a good chunk of their games last season.

My short answer to the OP's question: No.

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