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01-09-2009, 04:15 AM
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I thought Kharlamov had two MVPs; that's what at least one source says. Maybe the confusion is that he, sort of, tied with Maltsev in '72. Some sources also say that he was named the best forward in the 1976 World Championships, but I think he actually wasn't (it was Martinec!).

Yeah, kinda makes me wonder ("oooh, really makes me wonder" )...Kharlamov didn't win many - if any! - individual awards & scoring titles, not in the Soviet league & ditto for WCh. But is it his popularity, obvious skills, charisma and flashiness that still outweigh all of that?

I think it can be argued that, say, Fetisov, Firsov and Makarov were at least as good as Kharlamov. It may seem that it would be like rewriting the history, but hey, so what!

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