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Originally Posted by HABIMUS-MAXIMUS View Post
I don't see a lot of the Leafs games, so I was wondering for those who know more about them than I do, who's better? Or who's a better fit for us..........PLUS, who would cost more?

Kaberle: Offensive?
Kubina: Defensive?

Thanks for the info.....
It's funny, a buddy and I were discussing this last night. I was telling him why trade away a ton of players for Jaybo when florida might not even want to deal him depending on their position, when the leafs have Kaberle/Kubina! Also if D'ago and Pax play really well up until Higgins comes back, then where do we fit higgins? If he isn't playing well, we won't even be playing him because if D'Ago and Pax are putting up tons of points, why would be put a guy in who is a big "?". That having been said, we have room to move a forward, we also have tons of prospects and picks. Imo we could land Kubina cause he only has one more year left in his contract. Then again, Kaberle has two years left and is cheaper, imo if we have to give up Higgins/Pick/Prospect for kubina at around 5 million, who is signed for 1 extra season, why not just go all out and throw Halak into that mix and grab Kaberle who is signed for 1 extra year at a cheaper rate.

I know it may not sound like TO would make this trade, but imo they would do it in a heartbeat because they're looking to rebuild. Picks/Prospects and Higgins/Halak for 1 player (kaberle) doesn't sound like a bad idea from either teams perspective. TO isn't winning any cups anytime soon, they could use said prospect/pick to build a team, and halak could either be a #1 goalie or if they sign someone else, a #2. Maybe TO could even send us a really **** player along with Kaberle to dump some salary this way they could sign a guy like Jaybo in the offseason, who knows.

But imo taking away an AHL prospect, a pick, a higgins, and maybe even a halak if Price is healthy at deadline, to me doesn't sound like that bad a deal. If you take away Halak and switch the d-man to Kubina, it wouldn't be too bad a deal either imo.

Truth is, the habs have way too many forwards now and Plekanec/Higgins simply aren't producing and Higgins has been a real big let down thus far in his career. Problem is, we still need a center so we'd likely have to let go of higgins (who I would rather keep over plek but still).

Anyways, some of you will probably think that:

Higgins/Prospect/Pick for Kubina
Higgins/Halak/Prospect/Pick for Kaberle is crazy overpayment, but imo you've gotta give up a lot to get a solid d-man at the deadline, and toronto is looking to rebuild.

The only problem I can see with these trades is that MTL gives up a lot but at least we get players who are signed for either 1 or 2 more seasons at a fair price. Not Jaybo who will walk and then we have lost him and whatever we gave up.

Keep in mind, I too worry about what will happen if Price gets injured and we only have Denis to replace him (like if we traded Halak) but does anyone here honestly think Halak would bring us the cup ANYWAYS if Price gets injured? To win the cup we need Price healthy regardless imho. This is why I say these two trades I mentioned could work for both teams and at least Gainey doesn't look like an idiot cause Kaberle/Kubina are not impending UFA's.

I know this must sound like crazy talk to you all, but we have Chipchura/Max Pac/D'Ago all fighting for a roster spot, they're actually producing unlike Higgins. Not that I don't think by deadline if Higgins comes back he might be doing better, it could happen, but I'm saying based on the assumption that by deadline regardless of higgins being back, playing well or crap, D'Ago or Max Pac is playing well.

We do have too many forwards once healthy, and we do have the depth to replace people up front if injured.

Imo this trade would bring us back our PP. Imagine having a line up of:

Hamrlik-Brisebois(subbing in bouillon)



Anyways, that's just what my friend and I were discussing. I'm sure some of you fans out there will find ways to debunk this idea or paint me out to be a mad man But I figured I'd give my two cents because if it's Kaberle vs Kubina vs Jaybo we're targetting at deadline, I'd rather we give up a bit more for someone who is signed, then give up marginally less for a guy who isn't and will walk at the end of the season.

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