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01-09-2009, 10:06 AM
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The wild's goalie are somewhat a product of the lemaire 90's jersey devil defense. You work you're tail off for one shot and it's right back out of the zone. The coverage is great, all the shots are from the outside, rarely get odd man rushes. You stick any competent goalie behind the wild's defense he's going to put up better numbers than biron, who's playing with the flyers defense, which is not that great. They'll give up more scoring chances in one period than the wild will in 2 games. I'm not sure how backstrom is on 2nd saves, because he didn't have to make one the whole night except for the first goal when he was swimming after upshall's shot and didn't recover well at all.

But as usual, when it comes to goalies on HF the grass is always greener on the other team. Almost any move you make is going to be a lateral one, unless it's for the couple truly world class goalies. Look at the last few cup winners, other than giggy, is there really an elite goalie?

Biron has show he's capable of playoff caliber goaltending, stole the montreal series, and looked good against the caps. He needs lemelin to keep him focused and consistent, diagnose little issues before they become huge problems. A lot of goaltending is really mental, good coaching can make a difference, even at the NHL level, they are constantly refining their games.

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