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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
I would think that the most recent trands of each player would have more bearing on a decision than what a player has done 3+ years ago.

Post lockout Redden has been a terrible defender both offensively and defensively and while I initially thought a change of scenery was needed after they tried to trade him three times.

The speed of the game has gotten to a point where Redden is being exposed of a medicore defensive defenceman. If the forwards are not slowing the on-rushers up by holding and hooking and general obstruction, they are blowing right by him and he's having a tough time adjusting.

Want to tell me over the course of one year it's an adjustment period I can live with that, but he's been horrible since we came back from the lockout.

Streit provides us with something that Redden does not and that is a presence on the point.

Hindsight is 20/20, but we knew that Redden was in decline before he was signed. Streit was not.
Streit provides us with nothing because there is no way of measuring how he would perform on this team.

Streit wasn't even a consistent presence on the blue line last year in Montreal, unless it was on the PP. What kind of defenseman spends 6 times the minutes on the PP as he does on the PK? Clearly not one that was even remotely considered to be reliable in a defensive situation.

So what exactly makes someone "Yes, I want Streit as a top-4 d-man on this team" other than the first half of this season?

Jagr was on a decline for 2 years and rebounded with the Rangers. Of course Sather is going to assume the same could be true for Redden who had a tremendous 05-06 (yes, thats post lockout) and was on pace for nearly 50pts in 06-07.

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