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Originally Posted by bwoar View Post
Because it's been answered hundreds of times and on these very boards and still people have to ask "why doesn't he fight all the time?"

And because you brought up a 'Quebecer' playing at home as a reason to go around picking fights.

There's more to a 'policier' than picking fights with every idiot on the ice, and pummeling people who run goalies and throw dirty elbows does nothing to stop them from doing it again.

NOTHING. Get it though your head - pounding the crap out of people who play dirty doesn't stop them from playing dirty against your team. Zero, zip, nada.

Having the threat of being pounded - there are players out there who back off due to that threat. But some players truly don't care, and will just retaliate after a beating by throwing an even dirtier hit.

So then we're supposed to retaliate in kind? How does this end?

I am reminded of Ken Dryden's stance on fighting in hockey every time I see people posting how BGL is being too clean, or not fighting enough. Bah.
So laraque is there to be a threat. People would think twice, but the people who do it anyway...nothing happens. It's at that point he should fight. No one's asking him to pick a fight, but if the really dirty players are going to be dirty anyway, and he's not going to do anything about it, what's the point? Did he scare the legit players away? Because i was really worried about the clean hits and soft players. Know what I mean? No one expects him to fight every game(actually some do, and it's crazy) but we expect this guy to be able to play 2 games in a row, to play a regular shift , to defend his teammates...but he rarely does it. He goes around asking people, fine, but for 1.5 million I could go ask people questions too. We want him to be intimidating, he does that, but when push comes to shove, when the going gets tough, the tough need to get going, if they don't, they're useless. You're telling us this guy is worth 1.5 mil just because of his name? It's crazy. He lives off a reputation. If his name were Scott Smith and he were the same age, doing **** all, same contract, he would've been traded or put on waivers right now. People j!zz in their pants when they hear his name. I actually got fooled, i'm not a fan of fighting but sometimes I'd start thinking "laraque is going to teach those goons a lesson", boy was I ever wrong. He asks them politely, they say no, he returns to the bench. He barely hits either, he's slow as ****, he's one of the few players on our team with a negative rating on plus minus. He's out of shape.

I honestly feel like laraque gained his reputation in the NHL. He said he'd never come to mtl because of the media. Now he's come, it's not because he changed his mind, but he now knows his reputation can retract any comment someone makes about him. So he came here when his reputation was at his peak, he has nothing to lose, nothing to prove. He came home to retire.

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