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01-09-2009, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post

I'll say this again, it doesn't matter what anyones pro-rated salary is nor how long they were with the parent club. It ONLY matter what our total active roster YEARLY cap is. Add up the yearly cap hit from all players on the active roster (forget the LTIR ones, it's a long sotry and easier this way). Sending Kukkonen down removes 875k from our cap number, that's all that's important.

5:00 today marked the EXACT midpoint of the season. We have played through 93 days of the season and we have 93 remaining. The Flyers have spent more than 28.35 mil because of our LTIR but with the medical allowances we have EXACTLY 28.35 mil reminaing to be spent for the remainder of the year. Pro-rating everything backwards means that we can have a current ACTIVE roster with a YEARLY cap not excedding 56.7 mil. Tomorrow we will spend more than the maximum but we'll again get a bit back because of LTIR allowances and AGAIN have a maximum YEARLY cap or 56.7 mil.
...but the pro-rated daily cap number does matter. sending Kukkonen down does not remove the 400+K that has already been paid to him, it removes the 400+K they would be paying him the rest of the season. You're right that the grand total is ultimately what matters, but your gross simplification of the salary cap v. the pro-rated nature of salaries is wrong.

For example, if you have 500K in cap space on your Yearly cap total before the deadline, you can add a player who has a yearly salary of 1.5M, because you're only going to be paying the last third of it (or whatever it ends up being from the deadline).

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