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01-09-2009, 08:30 PM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
You get part of it but are failing to understand that the ONLY way you can acrue any space that would let you be OVER the 56.7 mil is to be UNDER the 56.7 mil for pervious portions of the year. With all the LTIR the Flyers have we haven't acrued any cap space. With Rathje and Hatcher adding up to another 7 mil STILL on LTIR and it being unlikely for us to be able to trade them we will not acrue any open cap space for the rest of this year unles we can get the active roster under 49.7 mil. Good luck with that.

I know that is theoretically possible for this to happen it's about as likely as me jumping into my spaceship and flying away at warp 9 (which if you aren;t a trekky that 9 times the speed of light and if your not a science geek that's theoretically impossible). It's just plain retarded to say that we can get our current active roster cap to be under 56.7 so that we can add a player later that would put us over at a later date. The simple truth is that we have already spent between 500k and 1 mil on LTIR that we CANNOT get back. It's gone, wasted, never to be returned. We've spent about 5-5.25 mil in LTIR but we have recieved all but about the 500k - 1 mil I stated above.

Again, we have EXACTLY 28.35 million available for salary this year, over 93 days or half the season. Hatcher and Rathje will remove 3.5 million from that taking us down to 24.85 mil unless those 2 players either die, get traded or miraculously come back and we find a way to fit them into the active roster. Now we are eligable to recieve up to but not exceeding the 3.5 mil for them being on LTIR. We don't automatically get back all of that 3.5 mil if we need it later. we can ONLY use it on the day we need it.

Hell, a team COULD be in cap compliance one day, make no transactions and then the next day NOT be in cap compliance. It all has to do with how and when you recieve your LTIR cap relief. If you don't understand how this is possible it would be impossible to explain it on a chat board.
What you're arguing...has no relation to how the salary cap is actually calculated. The salary cap is determined on a day-to-day, pro-rated salary basis. Trying to remove that understanding, as you've been doing here, is trying to remove the very basis of how the salary cap number is calculated.

You are making it overly complex by all these nebulous references to the LTIR numbers. Forget about them, they don't matter unless the player is going to come back from the IR. Hatcher, Rathje, etc. all the guys that put us over the salary cap number in actual fact...are irrelevant to actually worrying about the Flyers cap number because those guys aren't going to be coming back.

Because here's the point you're designating them for LTIR and never bringing them back onto the roster, they're gone from the salary cap picture, and ALL of their salary can be replaced against the salary cap.

The salary cap is determined day-to-day on a pro-rated basis. That is how it is calculated. Kukkonen (if he is sent to the minors) will represent 400+K of our cap this year; Hatcher, Rathje, (Primeau still?) etc. will represent 0K of our cap this year.

It is not calculated the way you are saying it's calculated. And what you're saying is just confusing anyone trying to get a clear idea for how it works.

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