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01-09-2009, 09:00 PM
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Go back and reread the CBA, you are dead wrong. It specifically states that ALL SPC's count INCLUDING any and all players on LTIR. Maybe there is something hidden somewhere else that says if a player is on LTIR for an entire year and not activated the next year that you can remove them from the books but that's not the case for Hatcher. Do you notice that Hatcher has been listed on EVERY IR report for the Flyers this year???? That means flat out that we DO still have to account for him in this year's cap calcualtions. Even if there is some provision for both Rathje and Primeau then we'd still have to get more than 3.5 mil under the cap to gain any headway to add any player who would put us over. I know more so than most that the cap is calculated on a daily basis.

If you can't understand that the ONLY way for us to be able to exceed a cap of 56.7 mil (ie - adding in a contract at the deadline) would be for us to find a way to remove Hatcher from the books (either by trading him or making room, activating him and immediately sending him through waivers) or by getting us below 53.2 mil for a number of days then there is nothing I can do for you, you just don't get it. No, we don't get 100% of Hatchers salary back, sorry but you are most definitely wrong on this one. We have been under 56.7 mil every day this year with our active roster but with Hatcher it doesn't matter, he's eaten up every bit we've been under putting us at the max every single day thus far. Guess what, Hatcher is going to eat up anything under the cap tomorrow too and we'll still be at the limit every day. So tell me Mr Genious, exactly HOW are we going to get our daily pro-rate under $304k including Hatcher???

It's not hard but it is complex. I'll say it again really slow, the only way we can exceed a daily pro-rated cap limit of 56.7 mil is if we either get it below 53.2 mil for a significant number of days (note, we add in Hatcher because his LTIR SPC DOES count) or we trade Hatcher away. Is it worth us to pay a 2nd rnd pick just to get a team to take that headache off our hands (note, I thik that's what NJ had to pay for the same basic thing)???

I've already run the scenarios where a team can be in cap compliance one day and without making any roster moves NOT be in cap compliance the next day because of LTIR eating up accrued cap cusion.

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