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Hatcher is listed on the IR reports because he is on their LTIR...he is a member of the team. However, by placing him on LTIR we can basically go over the salary cap by his entire salary.

Keith Primeau has been in our "cap calculations."

Rathje has been in our "cap calculations..."

But due to their LTIR status they're irrelevant to working out cap compliance based on the understanding you put forward. The only way they would become an issue is if they came back.

Prior to the season we were committed to paying salary in excess of the salary cap you might did we get under? We put Hatcher on LTIR. The problem for bringing Briere back is that since that point in time we traded for Matt Carle, who makes 3.5M.

The reason we don't trade Hatcher away is because there is no reason to...LTIR works as a means of removing his salary. This was not the case for someone like Gauthier (he was healthy) so they had to waive him to the AHL. For players over 35 years of age when they sign their contracts, the LTIR isn't a way to remove their salary from your cap calculations, which is why Mogilny and Malakhov caused the Devils so many problems a couple years back. Hatcher was not 35 when he signed his contract.

From the CBA

Page 221:

For any Player who is on a Club's Active Roster, Injured Reserve,
Injured Non Roster or Non Roster pursuant to an approved and
registered SPC at 5:00 p.m. New York time on a particular day
during a League Year, such Player shall receive his Player Salary
and Bonuses for that day, and such Player Salary and Bonuses
shall be included in the calculation of the Club's Actual Club
Salary and Averaged Club Salary for that day.
Any Player who is not on a Club's Active Roster, Injured Reserve,
Injured Non Roster or Non Roster pursuant to an approved and
registered SPC at 5:00 p.m. New York time on a particular day
during a League Year shall be ineligible to play for such Club on
that day, and such Player shall be ineligible to receive Player
Salary and Bonuses from that Club for that day.
LTIR on page 226-7:

The replacement Player Salary and Bonuses for any Player(s) that
replace(s) an unfit-to-play Player may be added to the Club's
Averaged Club Salary until such time as the Club's Averaged Club
Salary reaches the Upper Limit. A Club may then exceed the
Upper Limit due to the addition of replacement Player Salary and
Bonuses of Players who have replaced an unfit-to-play Player
provided, however, that when the unfit-to-play Player is once again
fit to play (including any period such Player is on a Bona Fide
Long-Term Injury/Illness Exception Conditioning Loan to another
league), the Club shall be required to once again reduce its
Averaged Club Salary to a level at or below the Upper Limit prior
to the Player being able to rejoin the Club.
To the extent any
Player who is unfit-to-play becomes fit to play during the period of
the Roster Freeze set forth in Article 13, the provisions of this
Section 50.10(d)(iv) requiring a Club to come back into
compliance with the Payroll Range shall supersede the provisions
of Article 13 restricting transactions during the Roster Freeze;
What you're seeing in that sentence highlights two things. One of them is what is going on with Briere right now. They've been taking advantage of his LTIR status to use some of his salary space to keep themselves going against the cap right now, but since he's coming back they need to shed some salary to make it work again. Hatcher, Rathje, Primeau, etc. were and are not coming back, therefore the team does not have to make any moves to comply against their LTIR status. While they are factored into numbers and listed on the IR...they are not a factor in any cap decisions this team has to make. Just skim them right off, they don't matter in any discussion of our teams cap moves.

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