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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
As good as Kosty is and will become......I still believed we missed an opportunity to change the face of the team, even if people would like to believe that any of those following guys would not have the success they're having elsewhere....And even if it means not having Sergei in the process.

People keep saying that it's easy in hindsight, well prior to the draft, I wanted my big centerman in Ryan Getzlaf. In hidnsight, I still wanted him but other candidates would have proved to be better than AKost espeically like Carter, Parisť, Richards, Brown and Burns.

As far as hindsight is concerned again, the AKost with SKost is then not applicable. It's only in hindsight that we know, if true, how great they are together and how valuable TOGETHER they are to this team. But if AKost is not picked by us, and then if it means that SKost is not picked by the same team that picked AKost, who knows how their respective career would have become.

There were worst picks....we could have ended with Jessiman....And picking AKost in a draft like 2004 or 2006, would have been an incredible pick, but in 2003???? Again, see the guys that were picked after him and see how they ALREADY completely changed the face of their respective franchise. AKost might come to this but he's still not there yet while most other guys have been doing it for 2 years already. Again, it's not a bad pick, but it could have been better. Also, seems that 2 teams knew and had enough to work so they could rack 2 picks in the 1st round for that year. Kudos to their GM's who saw the opportunity to rack 2 picks in one of the greatest draft in the latest years. And the 2 who did it, ended up changing the face of their franchise by a whole lot.
agreed. i love akost, but at the same time other people in the draft are doing so much more then him. many of them allstars, and maybe akost will become a ppg player...but as of right now, it was a just a good pick, nothing more then that.

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