Thread: Injury Report: Mason Injured?
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01-09-2009, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by pete goegan View Post
For the 1,281st time, the arena is not on the OP site!
Wow...a little superstitious? Seemed to hit a nerve...I agree that none of the actual arena is on State Pen site. Was just having fun. Although wikipedia says that some of the guard parking would've been where the arena is.

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
No the Prison was SOUTH of the parking lot and the Arena. It extended from Spring Street one block North. The wall then went east one block and then south one block again.
However, I do believe this is wrong. Some of west parking lot for Nationwide Arena had to be on the State Pen site. I use to park in the lots East of the pen and Nationwide Blvd. deadended at the state pen. It didn't go through to Neil. Maple Street was the back end of the Pen site, but isn't there now, closer to Brodbelt Lane. They extended Nationwide Blvd to Neil, so the area on NE side of Neil/Nationwide Blvd (West parking lot) would've been part of the pen. I'm tired of looking for a pre-98 columbus map. this was the best I could find:

The Nationwide Video department did a cool time lapse video of the arena construction from about the 20th floor of Plaza one...I thought they'd have it somewhere on the arena site, but couldn't locate it.

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