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01-10-2009, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
Breathe deeply Belso. We'll have to get used to the idea that players are going to exercise options from contract to contract. Perez simply decided that his Russian option was better than his Mtl option at that point in time. Next time, he may decide differently, but in a free market, all parties will do what's best for themselves. Mtl won't walk away from a good player, if they want him.

PV"s a bit different in that he walked out on a contract mid deal, but they are aware that the circumstances are individual. If he is judged desirable and both parties are willing, they wouldn't cut off their collective noses to spite their collective faces.

I did get a brief glimpse of him with Dynamo and coupled with his pre season, he doesn't seem to play a very good positional game, so who knows how much they want him.
I watched him in Hamilton - the kid was the best Dman on the Hamilton's roster. Also - you can't forget that his play does not really fit KHL style best. I know for a fact, that his agent tried to talk him out of moving there; he wrestled with the decision for quite some time. He will be back, and thats just a matter of time. (I also know that MTL will take him)

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