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08-02-2004, 06:29 PM
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Originally Posted by goodrev
doubt philly trades handzus for weight, he is 33 and his skills have been on the decline since he left edmonton, he is very injury prone, and whines a lot in the media, why would you want that? he is a skilled playmaker but i would much rather have zhamnov for 5 mill a year than weight at 7, that is if zhamnov got what he wanted which he wont. besides the point that weight plays a very poor defensive game i just dont see how the flyers would want to make a move for him. if this trade were to go through i would expect no more than a 2nd round pick spent being they are doing a favor to St. Louis for taking on his salary... i would say there is a better chance of dimetra being signed here than a trade happening

Ok so that is one vote against Weight.

But let me address a couple of your points.

1st, Weight is better in the D zone then Demitra and Zhamanov. I don't know how you can say he is poor defensively. He is no Jeri Letinnen but he isn't a pilon either.

Weight has also been pretty healthy since his first season, when he spent about half the year on IR with an abdominal sprain. Outside for that 1st season he has been pretty healthy.

As for diminished skills, they haven't really gone down, but if you are looking at his stats, make sure you look at his linemates also. Put an assist man on a line w/ Dallas Drake (love his game but not great hands) and Jamal Mayers (coming of knee injury and doesn't have great hands either) and that man wont produce a lot. Two seasons ago, he made Bogenicki into a 20 goal scorer (sat out most of last season w/injury in camp) and Stillman and Rucinski look great.

Zhamanov is 33 and will be 34 in October, so don't complain about his age.

Contract is ugly by todays standards, but not 3 years ago. As for a 2nd, no chance in hell. Say what you want about dumps, but Washington moved Lang for a decent prospect, a 1st and a 4th. I would expect a simular trade if made in a dump.

Granted you may be better going w/ Zhamanov.

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