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01-10-2009, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Erika Kostitsyn View Post
Boo Souray and Streit ?! What the hell ?! Both were classy players when they played here and I was very sad when they left. Thoses who will boo him are the one that are still bitter that they perform great somewhere else...

Personally, the only guy I'd booed would be Sidney "Crybaby" Crosby...

I just hate his arrogant, whinner face...

And on which planet are you living on? Not saying it's fine but that's not the question's are they going to be booed, so of course they will....they boo every ex-habs player.....but Chris Chelios it seems....and the ones they don't remember....

Not sure I personnally liked Souray's comments as if he was screwed and really wanted to come back but there was an offer but it was too late kind of BS, but Streit? No way does this guy deserve to be booed. Still, like in every place, there are dumb people who, because he left, will think that Streit chose another place then here when Gainey didn't offered him anything when it was time to pick a team.

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