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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
Boy you have just opened a whole can of worms with this post.

This is not the first time this question has been asked. In fact, I did a whole write up about this on the forum and It was pretty heated for a while.

So, here what 35 years of hockey experience is going to tell you. First, lets look at these three things... stick, stickhandling and shooting.

The stick, which I perfer, I like using wood use wood. Plus it's a little cheaper when they break. I want to have the maximum amount of flex I can get. The more the flex...the better! Why? Make the stick work for you, not the other way around.

Next, lets look at the way you write. The top of the stick is the protion of the stick that controls the artistic side of stick handling. When you stick handle, the hand that is down the shaft, kind of holds the stick shaft, allowing the shaft to move up and down freely. This bottom hand holds the stick while you stick handle or deke the opponent.

So this means that if you write with your right hand, that is the artistic side. This means that you place your hand at the top of the stick. So this means that you shoot left.

The bottom hand is use for the power side of the shot during a slap shot.

Now let look at shooting.

Do you know what a fulcrum is? Here's an example: It's the point of balance in a "teeter-totter.

Now, the bottom hand acts like a teeter-totter. If you place a box on the ice and you place you stick blade underneath the box, the folcrum will be at your wrist if you try and pick it up with one hand. Chances are really good that your wrist will strain or break if you try to pick up the box.

But, if you place a fulcrum, say the tip of your skate, then what you have done is add a fulcrum to the stick. Then you can press down on the stick with your finger and the box will come off the ice with ease.

Now, shooting is kind of the same way. The bottom hand is used as a fulcrum durning the shot. Make sure that as you follow through with the shot, that the top hand moves away from your body. Once both are at maximum distance, take the top hand, leave the bottom hand still. Take the top hand and move the stick towards your body. This will provide you maximum leverage for the shot.

Now for slat shots, the bottom hand is for power in the shot! This is the hand that help drive the shaft down to help it bend during the slap shot. This is where the flex of your stick comes in. The more flex you have the better. It's like a compound bow, but without the pulley system.

And because you are shooting left and you are moving that shot across your body, you need to balance your weight on your right leg and follow through with the shot. It's ok to pick up that left leg to help counter balance the shooting motion. However, the more you try and keep that leg down, the more stability you will have in your balance, the better the shot will be.

Head coach
I didn't read all your post but skimming it, you're right. The dominate hand on top is great for wrist and snap shot power and accuracy(most common shot in hockey). The dominate hand on the bottom is great for powerful and accurate slap shots. Typically baseball in the US effects dominate hand placement, while Canadian players are taught "properly."

BUT, it's all personal preference. I switch-hit in baseball and can throw a football left handed or right handed but I am right hand dominate. I shoot right handed because it's comfortable for me. Puckhandling LH... hands of stone. RH and my hands are as soft as a goal against Trevor Kidd.

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