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01-11-2009, 03:18 AM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
Jones, Alberts and Modry each played their best hockey with the Flyers while playing with Kukkonen. That doesn't mean Kukkonen is great, but the shoe fits.

With Sbisa, everyone's arguably played their worst. That's why he can't get a consistent partner. Again, not saying Sbisa is terrible, but the shoe doesn't fit. And if he's filing in and out of the lineup with Alberts, that's not the responsible thing to do either. And if Kukkonen is claimed, that's not enough salary off the cap.
The reason for this is NOT because Kukkonen is remotely good or works well others or anything, it ONLY has to do with the FACT tha Kukkonen only ever plays on the 3rd pairing and only goes up against the other teams 3rd or4th line if we can help it. Put any of those guys out with Kukkonen against the other teams top 2 lines on a regular basis and I guarrentee you we'd be screaming our heads off at all of them. Hell, Let Jones play with Timonen against the other teams 3rd and 4th lines and Jones-Timonen will look like 2 Norris Trophy canidates.

Sbisa is what he is, in-esperienced which is why he needs to go back to juniors. He still has a whole lot to learn just about playing the posiation and he's not going to get the proper "teaching" in the NHL. This type of "teaching" is to be done at the amature level, not the pro level (not even the AHL to be honest with you).

I saw a lot of people who saw that on the surface this was true but when you dig just a little bit beneath the surface you can easily discover the reasons for what you think you see as truth. I don;t think it takes a rocket scientist to understand that ANYPLAYER would look better when playing against 3rd and 4th line players as opposed to playing against 1st and 2nd line players. Think about it.

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