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01-11-2009, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
Therrien won the memorial cup the first Quebec had ever won in 20 years, he's not a stupid fool. But the Habs were pretty bad back then back then-our best players were Saku, Zetnik and an aged Doug Gilmour! Now he goes to Pittsburgh get them in the finals but lost half the club in doing so and Pittsburgh has trouble putting one line together. Shero is not a good GM in my opinion.

I can buy that Therrien lost the room in Montreal with crybaby Saku leading the fray. But to me he was the first Habs coach I ever liked. Tremblay was too emotional and all over the place, no structure; Vigneault and Julien were boring and couldn't deal with talent. But Therrien was good at his job, while being incredibly passionate. And like that about a coach. I don't want zombies in there. When he was fired for once people knew he had exausted every possibilities to make them win and it was not going to happen either way and for once it wasn't the coach's fault. For once realised "hey maybe it's not the coach, it's the players that did not play". There isn't much that can be done with a softy Jan Bullis and average players like that.

What's sad about the Habs coachs of that period was that it should have been a time to rebuld but the GMs in place never realised this. Or did not have the guts to do it. So guys like Vigneault-Therrien-Julien did not have much to work with. I could have said Tremblay too but he had Roy, Damphousse, Turgeon, Recci, Saku, etc...
Therrien was too emotional. That stupid penalty!? The throat-slashing gestures? Forgot about that?

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