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01-11-2009, 07:22 PM
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Wasn't sure if this was the proper place to ask this question or not, but here goes: Everyone has heard of the reputation that Philadelphia sports fans have. Whenever I've gone to a Philly event, it's usually against a far out of market team. IE, I went to a Phillies-D-backs game over the summer because for some reason my gf likes the D-backs. She wore her jersey and heard some snide comments, but nothing too bad. I wasn't sure if this was because she's a girl, because nobody really cares about the Diamondbacks, or because it was her birthday (she had a stupid crown on that said that). We're also not the loud obnoxious fans that actively seek out trouble.

With that said, how much ***** will I get if I come to a Rangers game in Philly? Again, I do not try to start trouble and actually like discussing hockey with fans of the opposition to get vary opinions. I cheer on my teams without being rude. Again, I think I'll be coming to a game out there and just wanted to prepare myself. Thanks in advance.

Oh.. and Richards is CANNON!!!!

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