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Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
I didn't read all your post but skimming it, you're right. The dominate hand on top is great for wrist and snap shot power and accuracy(most common shot in hockey). The dominate hand on the bottom is great for powerful and accurate slap shots. Typically baseball in the US effects dominate hand placement, while Canadian players are taught "properly."

BUT, it's all personal preference. I switch-hit in baseball and can throw a football left handed or right handed but I am right hand dominate. I shoot right handed because it's comfortable for me. Puckhandling LH... hands of stone. RH and my hands are as soft as a goal against Trevor Kidd.
I think what you said is true mostly. The funny thing about being right handed but shooting lefty is you can have a plenty good slapper, since you'll notice a lot of the power from the slapshot comes from the upper body and shoulder torque of the right side, e.g. the more powerful side for a right-handed person. You can also have a plenty weak wrister. It depends on a really high number of factors, then factor in how much you work out and are willing to practice

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