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Originally Posted by zecke26 View Post
i think Z is the better D-player. stats and awards are the curse of modern hockey discussions. i wonder if anyone actually watched the games or if people just read the stats.

which stat shows us how good the positioning of a player is to make the space smaller for opponents or to take out players completely?

datsyuk is the flashy puck stealer, but Z is the guy who takes away space. it's nice to have both types on a team btw. gives you plenty of options on PK and in critical moments.
I think it is very difficult to say who is outright the better defensive player, but imo one of the things that makes Zetterberg seem better is that he appears to work harder at defense than Datsyuk does, but this I think is due to Datsyuk making everything look effortless, that you don't think he is trying as hard on defense (don't know if that makes sense). Like, when you say Datsyuk take the puck away from someone he makes it look so routine that you may not realize how good he is defensively, whereas Zetterberg you constantly see hounding the opposing forwards that you see how hard he is working at playing defense it appears that he possibly working harder than Datsyuk, when in reality they are probably working just as hard as the other.

One thing I have noticed this year is that Datsyuk is actually doing full dives to the ice to block shots now, added to his recent element of body checking, I really don't think there is a thing on the ice Pavel can't do now, he is simply amazing.

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