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01-12-2009, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by MountainHawk View Post
This is completely wrong. Hatcher's and Rathje's cap hit can only be replaced to the extent the Flyers have to go over the cap to replace it, not the full salary. You can't 'store up' LTIR savings and use it later in the season. If you don't use it, it is gone.
Who is saying they're storying it up? By placing a player, who signed his contract prior to this 35th birthday, permanently on LTIR the contract is essentially nullified from your cap calculations.

If the player comes back, you store up nothing. We're talking specifically about Hatcher, and Rathje here...Briere is a use it or lose it case, because he's coming back into the lineup.

Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
Here's another thing, the Flyers have not one day this year had an active roster salary cap number exceeding 56.7 mil. By your logic Jester with the Flyers getting back ALL of the salaries for ALL players on LTIR and essentially removing them from all consideration then the Flyers have accrued some significant cap room and COULD right now have an active roster salary cap in excess of 56.7 mil. We shold only have to trim around a mil in unpaid cap salary with the cap space we've accrued We could get under that limit simply by sending down the Phantoms we've recently called up. Why then are we talking about sending Sbisa back and sending down Kukkonen, a player whiom we had to place on waivers and have pass through waivers before we could use him to get under? The truth is that we HAVE NOT accrued any cap cusion. LTIR eats up any cap cusion you have for that day BEFORE you are in consideration for and injury cap relief. Plus you only get cap relief for the amount you are over.
Who said ALL players? I said Hatcher and Rathje are not worth talking about in salary cap discussions, because as players permanently on the LTIR they will NEVER become cap considerations this year (unless one miraculously returns). Briere an others are a different story. Keith Primeau has been riding on our LTIR for some time as well.

We haven't accrued any cap space because we went into training camp OVER the salary cap. The only way we got under out of camp was by LTIR'ing placing Hatcher on LTIR and removing his salary we became cap compliant. What has happened since then that is causing us problems?

We traded for Andrew Alberts AND Matt Carle, which were taking advantage of Jones and then Briere's LTIR status to keep us cap compliant, however they're both back now so that avenue for keeping us under the salary cap is gone so we're looking to make moves to make it work.

Each of the past two seasons we've entered training camp over the salary cap...last year when Rathje was trying to make a comeback...and this year with the question of Hatcher. As said, you're making it all much more complicated than it needs to be.

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