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Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
Even if it is annoying, we have to get over it.

Houde makes mistakes too. They all do. An example is Washington's John Erskine, which Houde calls ErskIne... like it rhymes with with pine. It does not. It rhymes with skin.

To be honest, the one that always makes my skin crawl is the way most French speaking commentators say the Florida "Panters".... removing the "H".

It makes them seem like a team of guys gasping for air.

It's a small annoyance... but we all do it at some point.
95% of the French Canadien population can't pronounce "th" correctly just like Anglophones can't pronounce "r" the french way. That's why David Booth is called David Boot, the Panthers are called the Panters, the Thrasers become the Trashers, Joe Thornton becomes Joe Tornton, third period is called the tird period, etc.

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