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01-12-2009, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by JXC View Post
I see what yer sayin'.

One could certainly draw some errant conclusion from the +/- data.

I'm just saying he wasn't a disaster last year.
that's fine. i have a knack for exaggeration.

Originally Posted by opus View Post
It's all relative.

If Richards were making 2 million a year he'd be the best player in the league.

I have no problems with Carle or Briere. I just find it funny (Actually, I don't) that Carle has had one good season and he's the messiah. Jones coming off a very good year...and he's muck. I just don't get it. I know everybody will jump on me here and say it's his contract...but the fact of the matter is this...he didn't have this contract last season.

Also, why is it that Carle is guarenteed to improve...and Jones isn't?

I really don't get it.
first off, who said carle was the messiah? last i checked, he wasn't bringing about any apocalypse of eschatological proportions. carle is simply a more talented jones.

and secondly, i'll never say that carle is guaranteed to improve (or the opposite for jones). this kind of sport is too chaotic to make absolute statements like that. however, based on what i've seen from both players this season, carle has been the better player. pretty much my biggest reason for keeping matt and trading jones.

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