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01-12-2009, 06:33 PM
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Originally Posted by thedjpd View Post
I really, really doubt any 23 year old defenseman is going to uproot Kimmo Timonen on the point. I think you're being way, way to critical.

There's absolutely no way. Timonen doesn't produce much at even strength either, just like the rest of the defense.

On the PP point, Carle and Timonen are similar in style - they QB it. They shouldn't both be on it to gether, because that's redundant. The reason Coburn is on it is because of his shot, not his ability as a QB or some magical untapped offensive ability.

I really think you have an extremely warped expectation for defensemen - Timonen is awesome but is also double the cost of Carle, or close to it. If he's not better at it, then we'd all be *****ing about Timonen. He better be our best defenseman - expecting the rest of the defense to play mistake-free, perfect hockey would require us to be paying them like such. It doesn't happen. We can't have 6 Timonens back there.

If you're not paying a guy all-star money, he's probably not going to be at an all-star level at everything like you seem to expect.
Timonen is actually VERY good at playing the right point and snapping off one-timers, we just don't put him there because we either have Richards over there...or Coburn. In fact, they tried it out with Timonen on the right side earlier this season before switching back to him being on the left.

So, it isn't about unseating's about what you're getting for your dollar.

The primary reason Timonen doesn't produce at even strength is by choice. He plays stellar and safe defense, not to mention the fact that he's matching up with top lines each and every night. Not so much the case for Carle...he goes forward with almost every single rush and comes up empty handed.

Look, Carle is a nice player...but the point is that he isn't $3.5M nice player. And that contract certainly isn't an asset at his current level.

Originally Posted by DenverBoone View Post
^ Carle Hater? I guess we need a few to balance us Carle honks out.
I don't hate Carle at all...I've liked him as an acquisition. That doesn't mean I think his contract is representative of his play, however.

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