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01-13-2009, 01:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Leave Sidney Alone View Post
Did i ask you that?

Believe me the thread isn't stupid, its people who can't understand the question...

Maybe its due to ignorance, because you never watched MaxPac in the minors or college, or maybe its because you don't know any prospects...

If MaxPac was still in Hamilton, what would you say then? The fact he's playing in the NHL has nothing to do with this thread... im asking you based on his potential, who would you take ahead of him in the '09 draft?

It's a little late for you kiddo, learn to read...
Based on the fact that most scouters know hockey better than me(and you) I can't really judge the other young players yet. Looking at it this way, you are given two choices:

A: Take Tavares over David Krejci now

B: Wait 3 years and see what Tavares will look like

So far, we haven't really see what Tavares is capable of, I only care about what Pacioretty does in the big league for now, we know how well he performed in the minor, that's easy to see, the NHL isn't the same thing as the AHL though. It's not rare to see some players killing the juniors and choking in the NHL and vice versa. Players from the '09 draft are very young and still need a lot of developpement, for the NHL, I don't know who I would take over him as 4 games is a too small sample. He showed great things, but then again, with that logic I would have taken Marcel Hossa over Brad Boyes. I'm not saying you're stupid, your thread is. For the NHL who would I take over him? We need to see more of these rookies in the big league, for the minors who would I take? much easier question.

That avatar doesn't help you either. Just sayin.

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