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01-13-2009, 09:37 AM
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Well while it is clear datsyuk is the indisputable most dominate player on the wings atm, go ahead check the stats sheets and or game reels, it should be noted since he got hot he has been getting less ice time. Babcock started playing Z/Hossa 20-22 min a game whereas Dats has only been playing 16-18 min a game on average. ( I eyeballed those numbers btw). Less ice time= more energy= more production possibly.

For the record I am in Dats camp. I think he is the better player and I honestly dont think its close. IMO there is a strong case that Dats is the best player in the world. He is currently 5th in the league in points and not playing with hossa or Z at regular strength.

That being said i already mentioned Z is worth a 7.2- 7.3M contract. Id love to play fantasy land and hope he will get a Datsyuk contract but thats just not realistic. Though with each passing day i believe Z loses value on his contract. As the economy worsens and his play continues to be overshadowed by hossa/dats he is burning contract dollars.

With a first round playoff loss your looking at Z signing for 6.7M imo. With another playoff MVP your looking north of 8M.

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