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01-13-2009, 12:05 PM
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Chris Higgins, what happened??

First of all, let me just say that I like the guy a lot. He's been a pretty good player for us in the last few years and seems like a really good guy. I have been hoping for a 30-30 season from him up till and including this year.

Having said that, i've been dissapointed with his progress over the last few years as i had him pegged as a future captain of this team. Injuries have obviously played a large role in his lack of progress as I have never seen the Chris Higgins of the past since his serious injury a couple of years ago. What really annoys me is that every year I hear how hard he trains in the off season, and i'm always hoping for a big year from him, and I always end up dissapointed. I thought he really had the CH tatooed on the heart as he was a big fan when he was a kid, but I don't see any of that passion in him anymore when he plays....just a player going through the motions most of the time. In all of the games he played this year, how many was he actually noticable in??

I don't want to add this to the fire as I don't really care for radio 730 (corrus sports) but they mentionned this morning that a lot of people notice that Chris is performing much better off the ice (bars and clubs) then he is on the ice...and this is true. he always seems to be in party pictures.

Since he seems to be in most trade rumors, do you think his value has fallen in the eyes of Bob Gainey, or does he simply have more maturing to do??

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