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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
I wasn't trying to compare production, I was making the point that in order to turn into a NHL player, Stepan has to continue to improve, unlike the other players mentioned. Ryan had a solid sophmore year and looked like he was getting better, but then stopped, and backslid. Olver had a very good rookie year, very good and improve sophmore year, but then went backwards in the next two years and ultimately, from scouting reports, it sounds like he never actually improved his game all that much (or at least enough to make the next jump).

So, Stepan may be doing well, he may have a very nice rookie year, but he needs to continue to improve his game each year he's in college or he'll end up like the other guys mentioned.
I agree, though that can be said about any prospect at any level leading up to the NHL. All you can do is look at what you have, and Stepan's freshman year so far, at age 18, is better than any of the others. By a fair margin.

Originally Posted by Bluenote13
You make a good point. Some players have it nice when they're getting freshman and sophmore type icetime - when its their turn to steer the reigns its a whole new ballgame.
True, though from the looks of it Stepan is already playing an (increasingly) important role. And considering this is Wisconsin and some some podunk school, that says something.

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